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Rostering and Interoperability

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Rostering, data integration, and interoperability is deceivingly complex. RosterStream saves edtech teams thousands of hours on integration, support, and engineering time.

Security-First Approach.

Ednition practices a security-first approach. We provide customers with our real-time security posture and the assurance of Soc2 reports and attestation. RosterStream provides multi-region support, as well as out-of-the-box FERPA and GDPR compliance.

Integrate with ANY SIS or Third-Party Data Provider.

RosterStream integrates with ANY SIS or third party data provider with support for a variety of connection methods (API's ,CSVs and more) and proprietary and open standard support. With RosterStream you can take back control of your rostering & data destiny.

Save Money.

Stop paying for expensive third party data tolls with direct to district connections. Lower your engineering and support costs with automation, observability, and data change detection systems. Get a free rostering and data cost analysis today!

Private Label Ready.

With RosterStream, your brand and logo stand out, not ours. We are the platform-as-a-service and infrastructure that works like your cloud provider. Create your own “integration” brand that your school/district customers see and trust. District communication shows your logo...because it's your infrastructure.

Stop Worrying about the "Next"  Integration with your School/District Customers.

With out-of-the-box support for all connection methods and authentication types, we've got you covered. Answer RFP's confidently with support for open rostering standards, authentication methods (Microsoft, Google, Clever, Classlink, OpenID, LTI, LDAP, SAML, etc.), and  all major third party data providers. Get faster integrations with schools and districts with less support time.

Security-First Approach.

Ednition practices a security-first approach. We provide our customers with our real-time security posture and the assurance of a Soc2 attestation and reporting. RosterStream provides multi-region support and out-of-the-box FERPA and GDPR compliance.

Integrate with ANY SIS or Third Party

RosterStream integrates with ANY SIS through a variety of connection methods. Direct connections, API’s, CSVs and more. Control your own data destiny.

Save Money

Stop paying for expensive third party data tolls. Lower your engineering and support costs. Spin down expensive rostering infrastructure and services.

Private Label

Your brand and logo stand out, not ours. Customers bought your product, they trust you to secure their data. Create your own “integration” brand rather than a third party integration brand.

Stop worrying about the "next" type of rostering integration.

OneRoster (csv, api), Edfi, Classlink, Clever, and more. We’ve got you covered.

Faster rostering integrations with schools and districts, less support, no data tolls, no overage fees or hostile contracts.

Meet RosterCare

Rostering Support Made Simple.

Private-labeled support and team augmentation.

Take the headache out of school/district integrations with a RosterCare support package. Let the Ednition team assist you in establishing and maintaining connections with your school/district customers. With an upgraded support package get a dedicated slack channel with an Ednition engineer, and our trademark, District Assist™ program.

Unifying Your Rostering and Data Pipeline.

RosterStream is an enterprise rostering and interoperability platform for edtech companies. We are soliving the "edtech stack challenges" so you can focus on your core business. With RosterStream, you can fan data to multiple applications and create an enterprise data pipeline for your business.

Augment Rostering Data.

Have need for data outside the proprietary and open standards? With RosterStream, you can augment your data streams (example, guardian address information). RosterStream merges, validates, performs referential integrity checks, and makes sure the data arrives the way you want it to your application(s).

Widen Your Data Aperture with Extended Data Domains.

Our most demanded feature to-date is HERE! Get data beyond core rostering information with extended data domains. With attendance, discipline, student academic records, bell schedule, and more. We're continuing to add more and more extended data support.

Rostering that Scales.

RosterStream is your complete infrastructure, observability, and data automation tool.
Acquiring or being acquired? Unify your rostering pipeline and authentication services. Work with small schools? No Problem. Work with the biggest districts in the country? Bring it on!

Unifying Your Rostering and Data Pipeline

One or many products, bring it into one data solution to track and manage all of your connections.

Data Augmentation

More than just rostering data (not part of OneRoster or other pseudo standards).

Wider Data Aperature

More than just rostering data. Attendance, behavior, and classroom data.

Rostering that Scales

Complete rostering infrastructure and automation tool.
Acquiring or being acquired? Unify your rostering services internally. One SIS connection fans to multiple applications.

This is Eddie. He’s our Swag Mascot.

We take rostering and interoperability SERIOUSLY. We also like to have fun as a company.
Eddie helps us give out  USABLE swag to our partners!

Let RosterStream Handle the SSO / LTI Integration. Get ALL your Favorite Login Buttons & LMS Support.

RosterStream ties it all together by handling both authentication and rostering simultaneously. We'll authenticate and match up the users for you! Choose from our SSO Essentials plan (Oauth2 logins) and SSO Pro plan (LTI/LDAP/SAML).

Stop Bad Data from Ever Reaching Your Applications.

With automatic data change detection systems, RosterStream protects your application(s) from those data disasters we've all experienced in edtech. With change detection algorithms, and "circuit break" technology, you can count on RosterStream to protect your application(s) from data disasters.

Observability, Monitoring, and Log Level Access.

You expect observability and monitoring in your cloud infrastructure, why not in your rostering and student data systems? RosterStream provides the observability and logging so your support and implementation teams don't have to escalate to engineering for help. Easily communicate with your school/district partners and get on the same page with data syncs.

SSO–One API Endpoint—All your Favorite Buttons

One Single end point…All your favorite buttons.  Authentication tied to rostering so you don’t have to maintain it.

Stop Bad Data from Ever Reaching Your Applications

Automatic “circuit breaks” - Fine-tuned with our data change algorithms.

Reporting, Monitoring, and Log Level Access

Reports that meet your needs. Monitoring and alerting when there’s data change. Log integration with your systems.

Diagnose issues quickly, don’t let rostering issues land in the laps of your highest paid engineers.

Our Partners / Pledges

Ednition has partnered with these amazing organizations to bring you the best rostering and interoperability experience across the globe. We're big believers in edtech standards, and have taken the TrustEd Apps Pledge.

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